Monday, September 28, 2009

Thanks Jessica

Big thanks to Jessica for commenting on an old post- a very heavy one at a sad time and then a big silence. It was a bad time and I did find things to much for me. I wanted to hide away. I found I could not cope with discussion groups I was contributing to- I dreaded visitors, I lost all my confidence.
Herrad is now stable and we are doing ok. She has had some effects and has more difficulty with her hands. We are adjusting and getting on with it so maybe I can start posting again.


steve said...

Silent screaming.

Each bad patch
pulls us further

Stephany said...

You're doing a great job taking care of Herrad, it is reflected in her writing. It's unbelievable what you both are going through, and I hope the upcoming outing is wonderful for both of you and a nice reprieve of togetherness outside of the building, in fresh air with the dogs.

steve said...

I hope today has exceeded your expectations. Another step in the transition. Another chain unlocked.

Cathy said...

I'd say we always find our courage when it feels most lacking. Carry on with dignity and pride. And of course, friends.