Friday, March 19, 2010

Poor wee doggy

Spike is back from his operation. He is just crying and giving the occasional heart breaking howl.
Six weeks in a cage now. It was a big op and he will be in a lot of pain. Poor wee thing.
Herrad and I are both in bits but being terribly brave. My wee friend!

Thursday, March 18, 2010

As many as one a year!

Herrad's birthday yesterday was a good day. She got loads of flowers, old friends dropped by and she shared a glass of bubbly. I made a a pretty little cake and a favourite dinner.
So glad she had a good time. I feel terribly responsible for Herrad's moods. I feel such a failure when she is sad. I understand rationally that I can not stop the pain of MS and the frustration of her situation making her feel sad but emotionally I am ripped apart when she cries. I would put my hand in a blender if it would stop her hurting. But nothing will stop her hurting.
Yesterday we got past the MS- it was her day: laughing, singing and revelling in the love sent from all round the world. A happy birthday. Today we had a more medical sort of day but that was not so bad either. Tomorrow my wee doggy goes for an operation so I am off to bed ready for the big day for little Spikey.
If you sent Herrad a birthday greeting thank you very much- she loved them!

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

still here still getting bye

I am still here, still getting bye. Worries are always with me but I am less oppressed by them than I have been.
Herrad's wound opening again and the dog being sick plus the winter blues got a bit on top of me. I am trying to spring clean house body and mind and go forward in a positive manner.
I want to do something daft- all my life I have taken the less sensible option but right now I am Mr Responsible. I need to be a good boy so I will be a good boy but I want an outlet for the crazy side.
I am toying with doing motorcycle lessons and buying an old bike. I saw a Benelli Tornado from 1970 and a Bonny from 64. I could afford one.I would not have time to drive much but I could keep it in the living room and stroke it Only thing is I am a crap mechanic. I have a touch like an elephant with delicate machinery.
We will see what we can do.