Thursday, March 18, 2010

As many as one a year!

Herrad's birthday yesterday was a good day. She got loads of flowers, old friends dropped by and she shared a glass of bubbly. I made a a pretty little cake and a favourite dinner.
So glad she had a good time. I feel terribly responsible for Herrad's moods. I feel such a failure when she is sad. I understand rationally that I can not stop the pain of MS and the frustration of her situation making her feel sad but emotionally I am ripped apart when she cries. I would put my hand in a blender if it would stop her hurting. But nothing will stop her hurting.
Yesterday we got past the MS- it was her day: laughing, singing and revelling in the love sent from all round the world. A happy birthday. Today we had a more medical sort of day but that was not so bad either. Tomorrow my wee doggy goes for an operation so I am off to bed ready for the big day for little Spikey.
If you sent Herrad a birthday greeting thank you very much- she loved them!


Marit Chrislock-Lauterbach said...

Hi Richie - thank you SO much for your message - it meant a lot. I didn't realize you had a blog... Herrad talks so wonderfully of you, and while I know the two of you are facing a lot of hardships - I just wanted to let you know that I think you are incredible, amazing, absolutely fantastic. It is NOT easy taking care of a loved one who is sick... If I could, I would give you both big hugs (germ free, of course).

The love that the two of you share is beautiful.

Travelogue for the Universe said...

Hi Richie, You are no doubt the man behind the woman and are a great team. You do not make the nerve dysfunction causing the pain of MS. You are so supportive and do not doubt that. Best wishes.Mary

Webster said...

Richie, You bloody damned well better believe that Herrad couldn't do this without you. You are her rock. You are her everything.

Best of luck to Spike tomorrow (today). The next several weeks are going to be tough on him.

Be well.

mortonlake said...

im slowly catching up on over 4 weeks blogs.glad herrad had good day. you take care mate.mort