Sunday, April 18, 2010

Bo Robert and Steve

Two of the nicest people I have met in the blogosphere. Bo Robert and Steve.
The moment seems to have arrived for them. Bo Robert is facing his last pain and may not be around for much longer.
The love between these two men has been an inspiration for me. Steve has showed so much courage love and compassion for his beautiful man and done all he could to ease the course of this rotten disease. Fighting all the time for the best support for BR.
Even the love of a great man like Steve can not stop a monster like MS.
A great love story is entering its final chapter. (Title is link to their blog)


mortonlake said...

fucking evil disease you dont allow this comment please,i may get booted off blogspot ok? scares the shit out of me whats going to happen in the it does you i know mate.take care,mort

steve said...

Thanks, Richie. I'm standing on the shoulders of giants such as yourself.

Kathrin said...

How do I email you?