Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Cake and custard

Sweet day- nothing much to report. Just having a nice relaxed day when every chore is a delight. We had a conversation about comfort food last night. We both remembered motorcycle journeys in English Spring weather when an old fashioned transport cafe and a cup of hot tea with milk and sugar got life back into dead fingers. I remembered a place just North of Carlisle on the road to Scotland. When I hitch-hiked this was often a place I would get stuck. If I had any cash I would go in and have cake and custard- enough calories to fight off hypothermia and fuel me for last hundred miles home. After sharing this tale with Herrad I knew that it would be compulsory for me to make cake and custard tonight.
I am her very favourite husband now!
My flowers in the window boxes and in the tubs on the balcony are coming on nicely, the dogs all crashed out and floppy. One last walk round the block with them in a minute then off duty. Sweet day.
ps. Banana cake and lemon and coconut custard.


Anonymous said...

I'm still laughing from ~I am her favorite husband now. Indeed, I've known this since I started reading you 2, very obvious she adores you, & you her. ~Mary

Stephany said...

That sounds delicious Richie, and I'm enjoying the flowers, wow you can cook!

Anonymous said...

Your flowers look wonderful - love seeing all the photos you and Herrad are posting. Gives us all a look at your surroundings too, which is nice to be able to place people when you think of them.

Patrick @ Caregivingly Yours said...

Do you offer carry out???

Cargivingly Yours, Patrick