Tuesday, December 8, 2009

two dangerous old pot heads


Anonymous said...

Hi Richie,
That is lovely, a beautiful sight.
Thanks for posting.

steve said...

Said the BR skeleton, "Take away my pain."
Said the doctor skeleton, "Take this, come again."

Hayley Woodgate said...

Hiya Richie

Found your blog on MS Bloggers link. Great to see others with partners who also have MS writing about what goes on in their heads. I've got a blog myself about life with my wonderful partner who has been diagnosed. Hope your both doing really well at the moment and keep the posts coming. From Hayley Woodgate in the UK :-)

imascatterbrain said...

Hi Richie,
long-time listener, first time caller!

I got such a kick out of this - in 1971 I was a vegetarian kid living in a commune, occasionally being rounded up while protesting the war, and trying to learn how to become either a Communist or Socialist,
so this took my WAY back. I was eight yrs old, so goodbye "normal childhood." Maybe that helped dealing w/ MS?

-Lorraine K

imascatterbrain said...

wait >>> I just remembered
that I saw him naked in his bathtub soon after I moved to NYC!

A silly boy had taken me there to convince me of his "legitimate reasons" for filming me naked! Ha HA, fat chance, but I saw AG nekkid!

Lorraine Kennedy