Wednesday, April 13, 2011

It has been a long time since I last posted- the blog is a space for internal dialogues and I have not been talking to myself.
Anyway I have got a right good depression going now so I am writing again. Spring is a reminder of me getting older as the year renews itself. "Spring is in the green leaf but winter is in the wood."
I find my self looking back at the last spring I felt optimistic about- 1974! when my parents moved us to a place I hated. Lost all my friends and have struggled to make new ones since.
Since then spring has got sadder connotations for me.
I have been looking at the history website for my "home town". I have not visited for years and have lost all contact with the place but some how I feel so nostalgic for the Island. It is a notoriously ugly little town with famously unfriendly inhabitants.
Somehow I want nothing more than a walk by the old oil refinery and down to the old gun site (I think the old turrets and lookout tower have been demolished now). A pint of keg bitter in an inhospitable boozer and a pukka pie.
I guess it would make me no happier if I did visit but the very fact I can not makes it a desire.


Patrick said...

You are not alone my friend, I affectionately refer to Spring as "Satan's Season". Give me Winter, Summer, or Fall any day!

Caregivingly Yours, Patrick

Che koala said...

ahh Richie, yr writing is so evocative.

(where does the line hail from ?:
Spring is in the green leaf but winter is in the wood)

Richie said...

Thanks Patrick.
Che koala- evocative but not my own: From 'Silver in the stubble' by Sidney Carter (slightly misquoted)

Webster said...

I'm sorry you're feeling blue, Richie, but glad you're giving voice to it. Take care, and be well.