Saturday, July 11, 2009

good news and forward the workers

Something good. Willis (my wonder neighbour) stopped the man with the dog on the street and asked him what he was playing at. She secured an apology and an assurance it will not happen again. I had also found out the house he lives in is a squat that was organised by the "Kraakbewegging" (the squatters movement). I emailed them directly about the problem and Herrad phoned an old friend from the squat scene. The idiots behaviour was not approved of as it is not only personally abhorrent it is also damaging to the movement so they asked him to watch what he was up to. So I am not scared any more and you could say that the community functioned as it should- no one hurt no one locked up. He was having a bad time himself and over reacted. It should not of happened but that is city life. He is unlikely to make future confrontations with me and that is all I really care about. If he does I know who to ask now.
Willis is a great neighbour to have and I am glad that the squat movement still takes it's social responsibilities seriously. The right wing VVD party is campaigning to have the house evicted and would use the incident to pressurise the local government to act. Despite the idiot with a dog I would rather see the house full of bright lively young people with a DIY internet cafe downstairs than a boarded up shell; there is no money to fund the redevelopment so the block would stand derelict indefinitely.
I have been on anarchist forums in the last few weeks. I have been committed to the unfashionable cause of communism most of my adult life and have found the lack of opportunity to participate in the struggle (such as it is) very frustrating. As it is I am now in discussion about communist perspectives of life as a carer with a carer for a severely learning handicapped child an elderly comrade looking after his partner with dementia and a chap who has just lost his partner after caring for her for many years. An interesting discussion is just starting. Unfortunately for me the others are UK based so a lot of specific issues do not apply to my situation but the broader discussion about the role of care givers and the ways care is given may prove to be very interesting. I would hope I could at least gain some social insights from Herrad's MS- I get very little else from it.


Anonymous said...

I thought of you the other day when someone I was speaking with told me he'd left his wife because her many illnesses had begun to affect him.
You are a good man, Richie. If you can gain social insight, or ANYTHING from this you are doing better than many. Love is an amazing thing, and that shows in you. ~Mary

Richie said...

Hi Mary- some people just aint as lucky as me.
A couple of years back I had a fantasy of running away to the South of France to make a living selling cans of drink on the beaches and living in a caravan in the sand dunes- when I started to adapt the fantasy trailer for a wheelchair I knew I was staying.
It would not hurt me less if I ran away. I would only be hiding from the pain. Herrad is still the best thing that ever happened to me and fills me with joy every day. I would be a fool to leave.

Cranky said...

Richie - it is great that the community worked together to confront this bully and stop his behavior. So happy for you.

It's clear you and Herrad are blessed to have each other.

Gareth said...

Hi there,so glad to hear that the situation has been sorted. What a wonder that Willis is. To be honest not sure I would have the guts just to confront someone. Good on her and the Kraak group for having words. BIG HUGS @ STRENGTH GXXX

Jaya said...

This is gr8 news dear Richie and sending you hugs and kisses all the are an ace in my books...missing both Herrad and yuh loads and my recent trip to Van took me back to all our wonderful can be short so make it sweet xxxx Jaya