Saturday, June 27, 2009

A letter to a star- she should be acting not bullshitting!

Dear Ms.Jackson, I was a rail worker prior to the New Labour election victory.
I remember you stood outside an LUL station cutting up a map of the system to represent the Tory plan to break up LUL into privately run companies and claiming that you would never let this happen.
You said such a carve up would be a disaster for the network and you were right: in government you did carve it up and it was a disaster.
Some management consultants got a bucket full of money but the poor old Underground got stuffed.
Did you tell us that you would protect LUL just to get elected?
Do you believe that "private public partnership" is any thing more than a way of giving public money to the crooked and incompetent?
Do you understand why workers like me will never vote for liars like New Labour again?
I am so ashamed I was once a member of your party.
Richie Maguire

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