Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Unhappy but...

I am still all over the place emotionally and am not enjoying this period at all- but with saying that I have had some great moments of pleasure and some small triumphs.
I made tamarind balls for Herrad- a taste of her childhood combining three things that grow in Trinidad- tamarind sugar and Scotch Bonnet chilli peppers. Not enough chilli in the first batch but I know how it is done now (very easy). Next was coo-coo: cornmeal with okra. It is a dish from Trinidad's African heritage. Again much easier than I feared and I got it just how she likes it first go- which was not bad 'cos I have never even eaten it before so I was working without any idea of what "good" would be like. I served it with a tvp curry and dahl.
We got the Pakistani honey mangos (the best I have ever had)in the shops again so I am working on the taste buds and hoping the heart will follow.
Thanks for the nice words from the last moan. It does help.


steve said...

Unhappy, yet finding pockets of joy. Sounds familiar.

What's the longest amount time you are comfortable leaving Herrad alone? With BR, I'm down to about four hours. Enough to run some errands, take a meeting in the office, or maybe grab a drink or two.

There was a time during his rapid decline when I would panic every time I left him alone. He didn't know his limits, and I would come home to find a huge mess in the kitchen, or worse, him lying on the floor.

Times change. We grow into the situations over which we have no control. Don't forget to make a place in that situation for Richie.

Food is one pocket of joy we also share. BR was always the cook. Now, I've taken on the role of sous-chef at least three times a week. I'm learning lots of things about seasoning, picking the right produce, cooking temperatures, and all the things I used to ignore as he cooked and I watched television.

Wow. I'm turning into quite the catch. :-)

awb said...

I'm glad Herrad enjoyed her treat, and that you are sounding better.