Thursday, June 18, 2009

It was a huge relief to hear that Spike is not sick. He had a blocked gland and has not got cancer. It was what I believed to be true when I first noticed a little lump on his nose was not a tick or a scrape from playing. I guessed it would be nothing and rationalised it would be nothing but still when we got the news I felt like a huge weight was off my shoulders.
I have had another worry. A jerk with a big viscous dog. The halfwit moved in to the neighbourhood a few months ago. His dog is big and free running and attacked my nine year old Jack Russell bitch. The jerk then tried to attack me and has vowed to get me for saving my dog.
I have been worried shitless and find it hard to leave the house.
I am scared and angry. Mostly because he has taken me back to a place in my mind I do not want to go. I have lived in shithead's world. I can operate on that level but I am better than that. He has been reported to the police and I have been approached by neighbours who saw the prick in action.
My tension has made Herrad physically worse- MS is always made worse by stress...
Stupid fucker so he is!


steve said...

Sounds like his front door would be an excellent place for you to empty Herrad's urine bag on her first day out.

Cathy said...

masI'm glad Spike is okay. I have one of those people who lives near me. He lets his dogs run loose in the park, scaring away all the kids. Dogs are not allowed in parks here. Everybody walks their dogs thru the park but they never let them loose. Is mace or pepper spray legal there? Or bring a cane or walking stick with you. Say hi to Herrad. don't stoop to his level. It's not worth it.

Richie said...

Hi Cathy it is great about Spike, as for the idiot; mace and pepper spray are not legal- I have been wearing my work boots which are steel toed- not best for a pleasant stroll on a June evening but quite capable of crushing a pit-bull's nuts -my biggest self defence is avoidance so I walk a bit further to the other dog toilet- he lives round the corner so my big fear is him attacking me on the way to the shops or something- I have not got time to go to hospital or prison!
He was raging like a coke-head so I guess that is what he is- everyone in the neighbourhood will know his face and what he is like now- every one is looking so I can only hope he gets himself jailed -we say in London "if you have sex in the front parlour keep the curtains closed!"