Thursday, August 13, 2009

A great figure in the history of the world has died.

A real American genius!


steve said...

Practically the entire city of Austin is in mourning. I expect there will be some great tribute shows this weekend.

Cathy said...

All those Les Paul & Mary Ford albums. I can at least savor what he left us, incredible magical sounds. And my brother's Les Paul is enshrined forever, as well it should. Have a wondrous journey, Les.

Richie said...

Funny thing is I would say his style is absolutely not to my taste but he put such joy into his playing he took me along- I am not a great lover of jazz but try to have an open mind when trying new things- Les Paul and Mary Ford Mocking Bird Hill was a friends practice record before gigs. He played guitar along with Les till Les lost him and that got his fingers loose and put him in the right mood to play traditional Scottish music on the fiddle. Musicians are a weird breed!
I fell in love with Les Paul when I read an interview with him in the English music press. He sure loved the guitar and did more than most to promote it. As a banjo man I guess I should resent him 'cos it was amplified guitar that killed the banjo on stage- wiring up the banjo has only just been done- but never mind we shall revenge ourselves on the six string mafia one day.