Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Poems and things

I am trying to get back to creative writing. I have started to write at least one idea out in note or simple form every day then spend every fifth day editing what I have got.
I tried to participate in a peer to peer review site but found it a bit too haphazard. A piece of greeting card sentimental verse, a concrete poem, a minimalistic twelve words over six lines and covering the whole page and a high school angst filled cry for understanding. I just did not know what to say. The one poem I had some time for stylistically I found a little trite and banal but could do nothing but praise it in the context. The reviews for my poems were mostly useless. Only one person had worked out that it was literary poem- (even though the author I was writing about was in the first line!)- as a result I felt the other reviews were of little value. I need a different set of peers.
The other big worry was giving marks- how can I value a poem on a numeric scale of worth?
Anyway I am now doing a little more writing and putting some organisation into it. An experiment is not a failure if it has a result-even if the result is to prove something does not work.
I am getting some nice funny little poems written that bring me a lot of pleasure. I will start putting them on my other blog soon.

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