Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Waiting bloody waiting!

Herrad is getting worse at a pace. She is loosing the use of her arms and is less able to support her self- nothing we can do to stop it but there are things that can help. We have got an agreement with the health insurance that support cushions are needed to hold her up in bed- we have had the agreement- the order has been placed and we are waiting waiting waiting- this has gone on since February. The only change is Herrad needs them more and at last we have been told we shall get them this month- it takes a few hours work to make a cushion- half a day, my Aunty Peggy could cover a three piece suite in an afternoon, shame she is to old to work now or I would have sent her the contract!
Herrad has agreement to get the joystick on he chair changed to one that requires less effort to control. We have been waiting since March for them to make an appointment to do the job. I fear she will not be able use the new control by the time it arrives. Herrad has no time to waist waiting. We are supposed to get air-co but it seems that the decision can not be made for two months- then another wait whilst it is implemented (if it is agreed) so we should be getting air-co for the start of next winter. I am so frustrated!


Webster said...

You are so right to be frustrated, Richie, as this is all so unfair and so unnecessary. Is there no ombudsman who would intercede on your behalf? I feel just horrible about this situation. You will need the Air-co BY Summer, not After. Does the IFMSS do anything??

Travelogue for the Universe said...

I hope it is a comfort that so many people care about you both. We wish you better days and healing soon. Mary

Patrick said...

Time is so damn abstract for too many, except those who have to race it. Scream on my friend!

Caregivingly Yours, Patrick

catlover1968 said...

I hate insurance companies, I'm so sorry what you guys have to go through. Please take care, hugs to both of you!