Friday, May 20, 2011

Agis screw up again.

When some one puts up a real fight to make something good out of a bad situation I would have thought the organisations that are there to support them would be able to do their part.
Herrad has been let down again.
Her muscles do not support her torso so she can not sit up- she slowly moves to one side or the other and has to be sat up to stop unbearable strain being placed on her neck- she has a neck injury which is easy to aggravate and causes great pain. I prop her up best I can with cushions and on a good day this enough- on a bad day I have to correct her position every few minutes.
Her medical team advised a special cushion be made to give her the support that will make her able to sit comfortably. The insurance company (Agis) agreed and she was measured up. The cushion was to be delivered this week but Agis is now in dispute with the supplier so they have stopped the whole deal.
We find out on the day the cushion should arrive.


Travelogue for the Universe said...

Absolutely infuriating. And no accountability for promises not kept. hope it gets better.

Patrick said...

Fortunately Herrad has you, Richie. Patti has similar challenges her wheelchair has padded wings on the side to keep her from listing to either side, somewhat like a wing backed chair. What I have always liked about her Quickie model wheel chair is its adjustability. Her seat sling is raked to keep her butt back and spine straight plus she uses a padded friction cushion to help to keep her from sliding forward and slouching. ... Though even with all that I still frequently just simply need to lift her up and straighten he all out.

Caregivingly Yours, Patrick

Christina said...

Bloody bastards!

Richie, I am just beginning to read your Blog. As far as I can see it's pretty serious for you guys.

My partner has MS as well and I don't know what the future holds for us. I can relate very much to you - plus I'm a fellow European! (Used to live east of the border to you ;))Love the Mohawk!

I'll be checking in with you from now on from time to time.

Wishing you lots and lots of strength.

Gareth said...

Hi Richie, sorry I dont pop by more often and catch your blog. Quite allarmed to read that Hearrad seems to be getting worse quickly and how devistating this must be for you. All I can do is Wish you STREGTH @ send a BIG HUG @ Lots of LOVE

Richie said...

Thanks for the support.
Patrick, Herrad had a seat made for her chair that is like a racing drivers seat moulded to her body shape- it it not perfect and needs adjustments as her body is changed by the ms.
Christina thanks for coming by. MS hits each individual differently and I hope it gets to be no more than a nuisance for you both. Herrad has very aggressive MS and it has been relentless. I hope your partner has an easier journey.
Yeah Gareth it is not going any quicker but we are hitting a key change as her arms and top body get damaged. These indicators of the progression are frightening when we reach them but they are all just markers on the road.

Christina said...

Morrissey and something daft? I like you guys better and better with each post I read! :D
That's what I was lacking: some truly cool, wicked, awesome people with that distinct sense of humor who are also dealing with MS.

Thanks for the encouraging words, Richie. Sounds like it's primary progressive for Herrad, huh?
I'll be lurking around both your Blogs, thank you so much for sharing!

FrankandMary said...

Everyone would like a Richie fighting for them. ~Mary

Cathy said...

Nothing works right when you need it most. I think we're in a planned obsolescence society and no one should really expect what they're entitled to. Soldier on, friend.

FrankandMary said...

I couldn't leave a comment on your most recent I will leave it here. I've taken care of(at different times in the past)both my mother & father. I've felt that terrible...OH, MY GOD WHAT DID I JUST DO?...also.
I am so very sorry. My father once said to me...Please don't worry, without you I would have been long dead anyway..and he laughed. It was the best medicine laugh for me ever. ~Mary