Saturday, November 29, 2008

Anti God! Pro Human!

Rant number one
A dear friend of mine wrote to me after Herrad posted about her death on her blog. She shared with me how painful her fathers last days were. He was a heavy smoker and had a short but very painful death from lung cancer. At the end he begged to be killed. He was too sick to get to the clinic in Switzerland from the UK so he had to wait to the bitter agonizing end.
I was very fond of the gentleman and hated to think of him suffering but a bitter irony hit me. He was a Christian conservative. His homophobic anti-science superstitious church and the Conservative and Unionist Party that he supported (until it became a positively treacherous act for a Scotsman to vote for Maggie Thatcher) lobbied against any reform of the suicide act because it is God’s will that people suffer and He alone can decide when you die. As an atheist I find it disgusting that people die worse than animals because of other people’s ghostie stories.
I can not handle the fact that Herrad will die. My only conciliation is to make it easy and gentle for her. If I could stop it I would. How ever we handle this it is as private and intimate as any part of our marriage and neither preachers lawyers or even doctors have a right to interfere.
Rant number two
We had visit yesterday from two lovely men. One we have known for twenty years and the other we have met only a few times over five years. They met each other after both had rough times with their previous partners. They are still very much in love. To see the power of gay love for my two friends warms my heart. I have had some nice comments from a man called Steve who has a beautiful man who is in about the same condition as Herrad. It was very nice to hear from him. I had a look at their blog. What a very nice family they seem to have. Lots of love to Steve and BoRobert. It was nice to hear from them just when I was thinking sweet thoughts about my friends.
Rant two point five
Funny enough on Thursday an old English comedian #Barry Cryer was asked (on a radio show) what he hated about his generation of comics “Homophobia” he answered, long pause- waiting for a BC killer tag “No I am not joking it has always sickened me.” Huge cheers and applause exploded from the studio audience. I have always loved his humor and it was great to have my high opinion of the man confirmed. He has been married to the same woman about all his adult life. Lucky man… I was thirty before I found Herrad. Wasted years… back on subject: Homophobia (homohaat homo hate in Dutch) is still rife in much of Europe and queer bashing even happens in Gay friendly Amsterdam.
Is it the Vice President of the USA who is Christian right on all issues bar lesbians, ‘cos his wee lassie is one?
Poland is not a fit country for European Union membership because it is not safe for gay people to live there or even visit. Iran and Saudi Arabia murder gay people. Gay rights are human rights and we should not consider a person civilized if they can not accept the right for people to live differently from them. Again it is that stupid God Ghostie Man story- self righteous murderous superstitious bunch of halfwits interfering in other peoples lives. Mind yer own business! As for the the rest of you: you have my permission to be queer if you choose but please let me leave before “Mama Mia” starts!
#Barry Cryer available at very reasonable rates

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steve said...

Hi Richie -

I was raised a catholic christian. I think my mother was more upset when I told her I couldn't be catholic, than when I told her I was gay.

Still, I can't help but feel that it is my christian upbringing that instilled in me the level of commitment necessary to get me through these dark times. Just one of many ways to acquire such commitment, I'm sure.

If only the active devout could see the futility of their efforts to make themselves look better than others in God's eyes. Comparisons, in my opinion, are the root of all evil. And all too often, superiority is pursued through oppression.