Sunday, November 16, 2008

I am too knackered. It is lack of sleep and no breaks. Things have combined to make me very mentally volatile. I seem to have developed my weird tendencies to more extreme behaviour. I find my self shouting random sentences- now this is something I did cultivate in my youth after reading a book of surealist poets but I had no warning that I would take it up. No warning what so ever. I just laughed 'You can shave your hedgehog but it still wont make it an avacado'
I dont go to that supermarket often so I dont mind. I call it "Perrins' syndrome". Usualy it strikes when I am alone with the dogs and it is addressed towards the dogs. They have learned to ignore it as it involves neither walks or treats so whats the point? My only solution is to keep my hands free thingy on my phone so I pretend to be responding to some unseen person.

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