Tuesday, November 18, 2008

This is my few minutes. Dinner is in the oven. The dogs are fed and licking their paws contentedly in their beds. Herrad is waiting to decide wether to get up go on the motormed and have her wound treated then eat dinner or eat dinner and then get up. I hope we get it done by ten pm then I get a bit of time in the evening. What ever. I have my minute and will sneak off to play a bit of banjo (be glad you do not have to hear it) and smoke a little bit if weed. Weed is a analgesic for me too! Today I had a glorius afternoon: I steamcleaned the bathroom! Impressive eh? So now I will bask in glory and prepare for future triumphs.
I have just realised that unlike my text my spell checker is in Dutch. I have not been checking so I hope the copy is not to messy.


barbie said...


You are doing a great job.

Thinking of you.

Barbara from Oz.

Anne said...

Keep up the great work! Always, always take some time for YOU! If you are not rested and well, you can't expect to take care of anyone else.