Thursday, November 20, 2008

Knackered but getting happier!

I Just wrote something profound and whitty then blogger crashed. I'm too knackered to retrace the tinking. Oh well. Any way I had a good day and now the kitchen is top clean gleaming and hygenic. I hung some prety things up in the bedroom and hung a lamp in the living room. I am getting less depressed with each action. This is me trying to get back on course after realising our time together is limited. I will work to make it a good time.
The nurse was round today and praised my care of the wound. It is already getting less deep and looks clean and less angry. Maybe she can sit up in the spring! I miss going out together very much. I even avoid the market stalls where I know they will ask after Herrad. I hate being asked when I have no good news. Maybe soon I can tell them she will be comming herself again.


herrad said...

Thanks for looking after me so well.

Love you lots.


Anne said...

Excellent Richie! Doesn't it make you feel great knowing you are the one who is making the difference?

Maybe you and Herrad may be able to go out again in a couple of months. Something to work toward.