Friday, December 12, 2008

Class War is still being waged!

I am a prejudiced man- deeply deeply engrained irrational hatred for the middle class blights my attempt to peacefully co-exist with my fellow humans. I am not in my natural environment here in Holland. My friends (even the Dutch ones) have moved away and I have made very few new friends. Most of the people I am still in contact with are very nice but middle class. There are so many things that make me want to scream about them but honestly I do love them. One of my favourite women pissed me off so much yesterday. She has never had to do a shit job in her life. She has worked in profession she loves since finishing her education. The recession has forced her into a position where she may have to take a 9-5 job. "If I had to do a job like that 36 hours a week my brain would turn to jelly"
I have done crap jobs since leaving school at 16. My brain aint jelly. I have had mental health problems when frustration lead to depression and substance abuse but like millions of other workers I got it back together again. I have developed my education by attending night classes and the Open University after eight hours of toilet cleaning or street sweeping. I have acted (in a bloody terrible play) at the Edinburgh Fringe and I once performed in front of thousands of workers as the Glasgow May Day celebration... I have not done all I could have done because much of life has been wasted working. The surplus value created by labour and the labour of the rest of my class is what supports the middle class and their life styles.-Considering what is going down now I reckon I am doing OK. I guess 36 years in the labour market prepares you for the pain of life.

Any way dear hearts I wish you all a boss free world!

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