Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Scrooge rules!

I fucking hate this. I want our life back. I hated today. This was Herrad's favorite day and I was always so pissed off with jingly bells and ho fucking ho. I was a grumpy drunk who hated the bars being full of amatuer drinkers. Well I stopped drinking many years ago and this time of the year became a time of sharing preperations and hosting friends. Now it is shit, I dont get drunk and I have no one to share the tasks with.
Deep blue day.

A typicaly stupid overdressed and overweight half wit was screaming abuse at a disabled woman who had bumped her child in her mobility scooter. No concern for the howling brat, she was just enjoying screaming at a frightened woman. I told her to shut the fuck up- but in nicer terms and her friend was keen for the fat cow to stop. Merry fucking xmas

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steve said...

And a Happy Fucking New Year to you and Herrad. You haven't posted in a while. To quote a famous movie tag line, "In outerspace, nobody can hear you scream."

Does Herrad have seizures? BR had a his first (and second) on Friday, and it scared the shit out of me. I'm starting to wonder if there isn't something else going on besides the MS. Maybe the Rituxan treatment caused PML? I know I could drive myself crazy with all the possibilities. But in the end, none have a treatment that will improve his quality of life.

During the second seizure, I had to decide if the ambulance should be called back. We don't have a signed DNR in place yet, so a call meant the possibility of life support. But then no call meant the possibility of further loss of quality of life. I don't want to be God. He doesn't pay me enough.

The Pope. Now that's a job. The accommodations may be a bit drafty, but he's a religious leader that really knows how to accessorize.