Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Happy days...

Three days to our aniversary- I dont believe in marriage: I require neither church or state to sanction what I feel.
Getting hitched made a staement of commitment that mattered more to Herrad but I got the point .
Not every one thought I was such a good choice. Some people thought I was a disaster walking. What they never knew was that no one could love Herrad more.
Loving her is so easy for me and I am so flattered that she chose me.
Life has played cruel little jokes on us but I still reckon I am doing well: I have so much love in my life!
Only what the hell to get for a present?


Anne said...

Many good wishes to you both!!

I won't be online for awhile but I'll catch up with you both after Christmas.

Happy Holidays to both of you.
Love, Anne


Happy Anniversary and Happy Holidays!!!

Love, Lisa