Wednesday, December 10, 2008

I love Crismuss with Herrad

I am pleased with my self! I got us a christmas tree. Genuine red plastic. I had to go across town on my bike and brave the hell of a garden centre but I did it. Herrad loves it.
I am not religous but I learned to take a childish delite in the secular rituals when I realised it realy made Herrad happy. Our first living together crismuss she asked if I wanted a tree. I said no and her face dropped- Herrad could never play poker. I said ok lets have one then. When she came home from work the next night I had it lit and decorated and she was happy as little girl with it. Now I make a feast, decorate the house and give nice presents. I realy hate it when some goes along with something but makes it clear that it is not what they want. Yeah I am a cynic and an antheist and hate crismuss- Herrad shares my views on comercialism and the God stuff but she is a Trinidadian and will not miss a chance to make a party. I aint going to ruin her fun so I join in whole heartedly and I have a great time too. I thank my Caribean beauty for kicking my English arse and getting me to enjoy life!

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