Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Getting better!

I may have been over optimistic last time but real good news today from the rehabilitation doctor and nurse. The wound has healed a full centimetre since last week! Now the doctor is back her input should help us get the wheelchair Herrad needs if she is to get her mobility back. She is talking about being stuck in bed permanently- that is such crap for her. I know just how much she loves interacting with everyone she meets on the street. She has a smile and a word for everyone. Most people are charmed by her. The world needs Herrad!



"the world needs Herrad"

So true!!

Jaya said...

Yipee for us all...Bravo Richie for looking after Herrad so well...going to the market again will be so very happy.:)

herrad said...

And I need the world Lisa.
Jaya Richie has been and is brilliant he looks after me so very well.
He makes my day good.
Thanks darling.