Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Hasty post

I am waiting for a group of men to come to my house so I can show them my wifes bottom. What a strange world I live in now! (Doctors and nurses form the rehablitaion centre are checking the progress of the pressure wound. It is good I think and am getting impatient to have this confirmed and havving the rest of the day returned to me but they are half an hour late. It is quite stressful for Herrad -mostly in anticipation than in execution so this delay adds a disproportionate amopunt of stress to the whole procedure. She will be sore and grumpy all afternoon. I have a strategy to make it a bit a better- I have made potato scones (a Scottish delicasy that is, of course, fried). Must be watching Mat McGinn videos on youtube- not pc and sometimes his attitudes seem very dated but a hell of a talent.

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