Friday, January 30, 2009

A great visit and old mate!

An old friend has just left after a few days stay. It was a great boost to have him around. He has been Herrad's friend for over twenty years and I hit it off with him when she introduced us. Still a dirty rock'n'rolling biker and still one of the best.
When Herrad was a cook in a vegetarian cafe he and his then girlfriend came in. Two very young very cute Ausie punkrockers. They read the menu enthusiastically-worked out what they could afford and ordered a Greek salad between them. Herrad gave them some bullshit that she had made up plates for customers who had not shown so it would be doing her a favour if they ate a salad, a main course, extra bread, a sweet course and drank a glass or two of red wine.
Martin ended up working alongside her and they are mates for life. A typical incident of Herrad's instinct to be kind to a stranger paying off.
For a shy man like me she has been a great asset- I have to be friendly with a partner like Herrad and have enjoyed life much more as a result.

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mortonlake said...

she sounds a great both lucky to have each other.take care,mort