Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Over optimism

I said in a pevious post that Herrad sitting up may be happening at the end of Feb. I got this wrong. We may be able to get a prognosis on sitting up at the end of Feb. I just want it to be so. Not sharing a bed was a big enough blow but not going out together is real shit.
I want to take Herrad out to see a band in the Paradiso. We have had wonderful nights there with music from Willie Nelson to punk rock- mind you Willie is a country singer with a drop of punk rock in his blood- a great place with lovely memories for us. Herrad was disapointed because they have adapted the old place for acsess- previously disabled visitors were carried in by a couple of burly doormen- she was looking forward to that! Maybe a rocking summer night and a roll through the park home. A dream to keep us warm on a miserable January night.

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