Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Sorry RCA

Just before the nurse arived we discovered we had miss read the calenda and they were bang on time- we were early! I should have known 'cos Ton Peeks the specialist nurse who visits is a 100% profesional and would never leave a patient waiting without word.
Any way it went good! Getting better by the day. Talk of sitting up by the end of Feruary...Rejoice


mortonlake said...

MS.2 initials that i mort,i have MS,nowhere as bad as your partner,im also a carer for my elderly i know what its like on both counts,andd a good friend just lost her beloved daughter to the poxy disease. take care.we all need that place to scream.on here is as good as you get.mort

Richie said...

Thanks for the visit Mort. I saw the story of your young friend on your blog. She was a lovely young woman and her loss must be felt so much. MS is such rotten disease.