Monday, February 2, 2009

Horses for courses

The Superbowl is just starting- I am off to bed. Football (American rules) is a great game spoilt by mediocre showbiz. Man I love a boring game (cricket is almost a religion to me and a good test match can last five days and have no result) but I do not see why such an exciting game is made to last so long with so many breaks- oh I get it TV commercials. I wander off between plays.I start to take personal dislikes to the talking jockstraps employed by the networks to tell me one is left handed and that another celebrated his twenty fifth last Tuesday. I hate the time they to take to tell me what is going to happen, then what it is happening then what has just happened. I got eyes!
Next week the six nations rugby starts- all the drama, all the excitement , all over in eighty minutes. I hope you grid iron lovers have a great game whilst I have a great nights sleep.
For those who care Thistle shoved it up the Airdrie on their own midden and my weekend has been joyful as a result.


herrad said...

It was interesting to see the Supere Bowl but difficult to follow the game can't get used to there being two teams one defensive and one offensive.

Prefer rugby where one team has all the skills and the game is not contantly stopped to bring on the other team.

But good to see thw Super Bowl for once.

Keep warm and happy.
ps you are the best!

mortonlake said...

now see you just dont understand the intricacies of cricket.warm summers day,the thwack of leather on willow.the a cricket fan but soetimes i get fed up.american football.10 miutes of play,3 hours of adverts.take care,which you do well i may add.mort.