Wednesday, February 25, 2009

A visit from Super Nurse

Our fortnightly visit from the specialist pressure sore nurse Ton Peeks went very well.
The wound has shrunk by a centimetre. It is a slow process but we are back on course. When we started the wound was nine centimetres deep, finishing just short of the bone.
I saw Ton's photo's of the first visit. Shocking. Today we all couldn't stop smiling and congratulating each other. Ton has been a great support and his advice and encouragement have helped me through this last six months.
We are both feeling good- talk of wheel chairs in the next month! Here comes the summer! Herrad and Marlene shared a moment on the bed after!


Stephany said...

Fantastic! summer indeed!


Such wonderful news!!!

mortonlake said... so glad mate.ty for pic of herrad,thats a lovely pic.take care both of you,mort.

Erin said...

Richie this is wonderful news! I'm keeping you and Herrad in my thoughts and prayers.