Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Such a lovely city!

This was my day trip on Saturday. The funny building in the middle was once bought by speculators with a view to knock it down and put an office in it's place. Squatters occupied it for years and did what they could to preserve it until the City of Amsterdam was forced to recognise it and it was declared a monument and money found to save it.


Stephany said...

Thanks for sharing the photo! It's fun to see places I've never been before.

Richie said...

I have just worked out how to fix my browser to allow images- check out a pic of the worlds cutest dog (OK second cutest if you insist)


Very interesting building. Each floor is so much taller than in the neighboring buildings. Makes me wonder what it looks like inside. Good thing the squatters saved it.

Ana said...

I spent three day at your city! I loved it.
I saw this picture at my Dashboard and had good memories.
Hope you're fine.

Ana said...

I didn't realize that you wrote that they wanted to ruin the city.
Don't let them!
I've seen a documentary on how Alexandria's coast is being de destroyed with a lot of Hotels being constructed.

Richie said...

Sadly the city is always under threat.
How to launder drugs money in Amsterdam: Set up 2 property development companies. Each buys an historic building that badly needs repair. Then sell the buildings to each other at inflated prices thus generating a legitimate income. Eventually the historic building will fall into disrepair (foundations shift constantly- we live in a drained swamp). Get permission to demolish. Sell as prime development project or invest own money and realise even more profit. If you remember to keep the right people sweet you can go on indefinitely

Charisa said...

Love this pic!

Ana said...

This is so absurd!
This city is gorgeous has an amazing architecture!
I remember quite well how enchanted I felt.
I will copy this comment and your photo if you don't mind.
People are destroying the most beautiful things in this world because of money.
This is sad to say the least.

Ana said...

I left a comment but I believe I missed the verification word.
I did a post on your photo using your comment.
I just want to know if you don't mind.
I'm planning to make a series.
Next stop Alexandria.
If you have any problem I delete it. Please tell me.

Ana said...

Sorry. I saw now the comment.

hkki said...

Amsterdam ,s really a nice city