Thursday, February 12, 2009

How we got here musing 1

Herrad has been posting about the past few years. How we found out something was wrong, how it was diagnosed and how the disease has progressed. My experience of the same period is parallel but different. To start I had fears about MS or some other disease for a few years. I remember before this disease was dominant we were planning to move to Swansea. We have a great friend there who we wanted to be supportive to. The city is on the coast and close to some of the most beautiful countryside in Wales. Other great friends live in easy travel distance of Swansea so this was the place. Only when we last visited Herrad’s leg would not do up hill. Swansea is built on hills so this was a problem. We love to walk and explore a city on foot but after a short while of up hill she would be in trouble. One night of the visit I sat looking out the window watching the lights of the ships moving in the bay and the sweeping beam of the Mumbles lighthouse. I then thought about MS. Her eye problems in Liverpool, the fragile hamstring, the sudden tiredness: it all looked like something more than bad luck.
I decided then that what ever it was we were together. I did not quite understand what a commitment I was making but I knew it was the only choice. I know I was right to make it.


mortonlake said... were right and i know you have no regrets.take care mort

Vicki said...

You are a sweetheart. I have been reading herrard's blog for quite a while, and I know you are blessed to have each other. It was a difficult decision, but it works.

J Patrick Leer said...

Wonderfully said! Caring is choice!

Caregivingly Yours, Patrick