Saturday, February 21, 2009

Herrad and Spike in the morning.

Herrad woke up crying this morning. I had just roused and went to the bog and stuck the heating on. I sneaked back into bed to find Spike had got there first for his morning cuddle. We settled down under the duvet for ten minutes till the radiators warmed up. Herrad started crying. At first I did not know if it was her just calling out from the pain she goes through first thing but today it had a rhythm and sobs began to punctuate the moans. I went and knelt next to her bed and stroked her hair. She could not tell me what it was that was making her cry- one thing, everything, what ever. I know why she is crying. I ask in case-just in case- it is something I can help with. But I know it is not. All I can do is hold her hand and stroke her hair and hope she feels less sad soon. Spike came over and joined us. For a crazy Jack Russell he can be incredibly sweet and gentle at times like these but even when he is being sweet he can not help but be comical. Soon his presence broke the gloom and then Marlene came to join us and the sadness was lost in a favourite game. Spike loves his ball, Marlene will sit ignoring the ball but only centimetres from it, Spike tries to get the ball, Marlene snaps at him and she picks it up. It can go on for hours. Herrad broke it up this morning by alerting Marlene to pigeons invading our balcony. There were none but Marlene could not resist the call to action,whilst she charged the window barking Spike got his ball back. After all that I forgot to ask why Herrad had been so upset.



Richie, big hugs to you and Herrad. I wish that I could take away the pain and sadness, but that's not possible. Allow the emotions to be there, let them flow. Also, pets are extremely intelligent; they know when they are needed.

herrad said...

Darling Richie thanks for being here with me.

I too wish that you could help make this all go away cos if you could you would.

Your love and care give keeps me going and I am so happy you are my darling.

Take care lover.
Love always.

herrad said...

Darling Richie

Thank you for being here with me.
When you are near me everyting is better
You are my sunshine the love of my life.

Be gentle with yourself, I know you would cure me if you could.

Love you darling.


Jaya said...

My dearest Richie and Herrad - I cry tears from my heart for us all as life seems so hurts me too much to even write here but know that I am there always for each one of you..couldn't agree more that its the best thing that ever happened to you in meeting Herrad in heartwarming indeed for you to find each other except of course for the much anticipated loss and the pain in not being able to take her pain away..a big hug to you both and the mischievous Spike and Marlene too..Love always. xxxxJaya xxxxx