Thursday, February 19, 2009

This a mail I sent to BBC Radio 5 Live

This a mail I sent to BBC Radio 5 Live on the news that British legal system has failed in its duty of compassion for Mr and Mrs Purdy.
Mrs Purdy has a similar form of MS to Herrad. When the time comes she wants to travel to Switzerland for euthanasia. She wants to know if her man will get jailed for helping her- if he even buys the ticket for the plane he may be liable to prosecution and a period of imprisonment for assisting her suicide. It looks as if Mrs Purdy will choose to die a lot sooner than if she was allowed to organise the end of her life in a compassionate environment. The law does not protect the vulnerable but persecutes dying.

Dear Victoria
I am in a similar position to Mr Purdy but I am a resident of the Netherlands. I am doing every thing in my power to make my wife's life worth living but I know when it comes to the bitter end there is a point of pain and frustration she can not bare.
I know that with help of our trusted GP and a specialist anaesthetist she will be allowed to slip gently from this world in her own bed and my arms. Her pain will end.
I dread that day because she is the love of my life and losing her will destroy me. I have thought long and hard about her life ending but can not see beyond that point. Gordon Brown's argument that I may pressure my darling to end her life for my convenience is insulting to me and other care givers. For years now I have fought to keep her as alive as she can be.
I can see from Mrs Purdy's position the current situation in the UK is forcing her to take that trip sooner than she may have done so as to protect her husband. My darling is now much worse than Mrs Purdy (she could not travel) and I guess if we had to go to Switzerland she would have left me by now. This would be tragic because she is a wonderful woman and still makes a positive contribution to the world. Mrs Purdy should have the time and space to enjoy her life and not spend so much time organizing her death. Her man needs the security of being able to plan. Change the law and be kind to the dying!
Richie Maguire Amsterdam


Anne said...

Well done. Bravo!


Cathy said...

Great letter. It is amazing we treat our pets better than humans.
We, as humans, know when to end their pain and suffering and it is okay.
Something is wrong with this picture.

herrad said...

Hear hear my brave and beautiful darling.

Stephany said...


I've given you an Inspirational Blog Award.

Thank you for inspiring me with your courage and love for Herrad.


Stan said...

Dear Richie:

Sometimes Angels have wings and are symbolized in great art that are hidden from our blinded eyes view.
Yet sometimes they come in the form of a loving humane partner in this life. You are one of those earthly bound Angels living, breathing, struggling, caring, and without doubt suffering this trial of emotional and daily gift; and yet you are there always in heart and spirit through whatever storm arrives from the heavens above to blow into your withering sails or wreaking havoc upon your journey through the perils of this breath. For in this trek there is this stinging reward of both anger and peace; love held tightly to a vented chest, this day’s juggernaut of despair and dwindled hope, and the deep caverns of loss foreseen.

Please Just hang on to those wings and spread them wide with trust this love you have of soul, give forth freely, and feel this empowered swell within as it takes you beyond this earth’s boundaries and this life’s toil to a calm and peaceful place of reconciliation and somber rest.

Yours Truly,

steve said...

I also get really irked when the government gets involved in emotionally charged, difficult medical decisions. If MS has taught us anything, it is that each human is different. Different symptoms. Different tolerances. Time can heal, and time can kill.

It reminds me of all the people in the WTC twin towers that chose to jump to certain, quick death, rather than be burned to a crisp or die of smoke inhalation. The only difference is the amount of time one has to consider the choice.

Keep fighting for your rights!