Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Dirty thieving toe rags!

Some one has picked the daffs in the park. That is a theft from the people and I feel a strong Stalinistic urge for workers justice- any one want to join my middle aged left wing vigalantes upholding the values of the young pioneers?
I hope not.


steve said...

If they were stomped, I'd put this lady at the top of my list of suspects. She apparently convinces local governments to plant daffodils, only to go about stomping on them.

In Texas, we don't take kindly to those who mess with our Bluebonnets.

Jaya said...

I am visualising the purple carpet of bluebells in Ashridge, which were last a part of my world in 2003 and now with 9 yrs of not seeing the bluebells...the thought of seeing them again makes me giddy! How dare someone take these flowers for granted and deprive others the joy of them..grrrrrrrrrrrr