Sunday, February 15, 2009

Buddhist Mass Murderers?

I woke up with this on my mind. I am so angry at what is going on in Sri Lanka. We use words like genocide without thinking about what it really means. The smashed bodies of children in mass graves with their parents and grandparents. Burnt villages and the smashed remains of every day life the only reminders of a dead community.
I believe that the Sri Lanka n government are wiping out the island's Tamil minority. I can not prove that: neither can any one else because the government has banned outside observers and has arrested journalists who have tried to enter the Tamil region.
Tony Blair and George Bush abandoned law to make a "War on terror" . Now the murderous thugs in Sudan the ultra right in Israel and the Buddhists who rule Sri Lanka label an inconvenient population "Terrorists" and attempt to eliminate them from the face of the Earth.
This is the victory for the Islamic fundamentalist scum who attacked the twin towers- the world has moved away from civilization and back into the dark ages. Now the UK and US will torture and use lies to excuse wars: a new age of intolerance.
The way the World settles it's disputes is set- Serbia's methodology in the Balkan disputes (which put so many of its leaders on trial for war crimes) has been the way disputes have been conducted around the world. Blair and Bush- both reeking of superstitious self righteousness have moved the US and UK into a new era of global terror that a bearded numptie in a cave could never have done.
In the Boer War in South Africa the British used a method of controlling the "terrorist" Boers by controlling the civilian population that supported them. They created secure villages to concentrate the scattered population and thus invented a new term: concentration camp. Thousands of Boer women and children died of starvation and disease in the camps along with thousands of black families who were also rounded up in to even worse camps. Today Tamil survivors of the Sri Lankan army are being herded into prison like camps. As yet we do not know their fate. No one is allowed to report the situation.
Human cruelty hiding behind the twin falsehoods of Nation and Religion. Neither lie justifies inflicting suffering on our fellow humanity. I wish I knew what to do.

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