Wednesday, February 18, 2009

The down side of being open.

Two things have worried me in the last week. First worked out OK.
Herrad got a comment on her blog that had a strong critical implication. Suggesting that her illness and in particular it's severity was down to a lack of positive thinking. My interpretation of the comment was that poster was arguing his case too hard and would not have intended such an implication. Herrad decided to allow the comment to be published and the response from her other readers was an outpouring of comments expressing outraged love for her. The grit irritated Herrad and she has been writing since- pearls are forming as we watch. One bad comment was worth dealing with.
More worrying was what happened to Steve and BoRobert. Some idiot took information from their blog "Wheel of Fortuna" and telephoned their doctor and made comments about BoRobert's treatment. The Doc went up the wall and now they are struggling to rebuild the trusting relationship they had built up with BR's medics.
Have you ever heard of such a thing?
Steve has been a great support for me. It is not an easy position we find ourselves in and I think each in his own way is doing a decent job. If he was forced to put the shutters up I would feel even more alone and hopeless.
As for the busy body: I believe in pacifism. Sometimes it is challenging!
Steve's blog:


herrad said...

Hello Richie,

Every down has an up and in this case the ups are many.

Al the supportive comments have been and are brilliant.

As is how you care for me it is not just a decent job but an excellnt one.
Thank you darling.


mortonlake said...

hi richie.thought herrad did well.if was me id be holding his still beating heart in my care,mort