Thursday, February 5, 2009

Fit for the knacker man!

I have just woken- that is I have been over an hour busy with Herrad (it does not seem to be much work but it takes so much time) and now I can sit down with my coffee. I am getting tired. I do not like looking at mirrors whilst wearing glasses. My eyes are are getting so baggy they would get searched at airports. I don't mind looking older but it is all happening so quick now! Last six months and I have just got to look my age. I need more sleep. A really lazy day in bed with gallons of tea, a good book, BBC Radio 3 in the background and may be a pipe of grass. Just doze and read and day dream- every now and then Radio 3 plays a must listen piece (any Beethoven gets turned up)so I listen and dream.
No use hanging about scratching me bum. Time to get showered and get the dog out, clean up, do the shopping, fetch and carry, tote that barge lift that bale etc.
If I get down I just remember Partick Thistle beat the Airdrie last Saturday- you can stuff your "Section B" up your ....


mortonlake said...

you sound like me.been there,done that.but i notice you still does that.turns what is hard,tiring work into a sitting here writing this,carol the relief carer is chatting to mum,thursday is my day think?? lol.but i dont mind. you are doing a great job.take care,mort

mcwflint said...

Sometimes, I find peace just by closing my eyes and pretending the day you described is under way. (I leave out the pipe)

Hope you find the spate moment to dream.

Thank you for all you do.