Sunday, February 22, 2009

New Zealand Haka

Northern hemisphere Rugby has never found an answer for the psychological advantage the Southern Island nations gain from including their folk culture into their Rugby. After many years of research I think I may have hit on something. Please watch the first video

Now imagine if England came back with a traditional English war dance!

It may not worry them on the field but it might get them nervous about the showers after!
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steve said...

Wow. Two very gay videos, but in entirely different ways. I know who I will be dressing like for Mardi Gras, and I won't be wearing green.

It's past time to put BR to bed. Sleep well.

Richie said...

Yes both celebrations of male virility. When I was doing comedy I tried to explore the displaced homo-erotic nature of sport. As ever with mixed responses from audiences. My intent being greater than my skill I managed to leave a gay audience convinced I was a raging homophobe and straight audience I was after there willies!
For many years now I have not indulged in either playing sport or homosexuality- both elements of my youth. I still find I enjoy watching sport but have less taste for watching homosexuality- I have the opportunity in a local park.
I found sport too sore on the old knees and I'm sorry, but when it came to musical theatre I knew in my heart I am not gay!.

steve said...

Granted, SF is more glamour punk. But I envision, with a little effort, Margery looking a bit like this: