Saturday, February 7, 2009

I got a cracker!

I just saw the second half of Ireland-France. Great game of rugby. I guess I am feeling all testosteroned up and one of the lads again.
My life is focussed on this apartment and my mind is full of big worries. It is nice to pretend that the most important thing in the world is a silly game- for eightie minutes I was in another reality.I may start singing bawdy songs as I wash up..."Four and twenty virgins came down from Inverness..."
Shame England beat a very generous Italy but you cant have everything.

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steve said...

I played rugby while studying in France for a year. Being 6'5", I played deuxieme ligne. Not very good at it, but had a great time. The team even traveled to Dublin to play a few matches.

Glad you are enjoying what you can!