Thursday, February 5, 2009

Lux Interior Rocks No More!

I heard today that one of the true greats of live rock'n'roll has died. His band "The Cramps" were a in a genre of their own. Rockabilly, punk, with a surealist sexual energy- Sleazabilly!
Ivy blasted out unforgiving guitar whilst Lux writhed and groaned his way through a mixture of standards and odments from the fifties mixed in with some jems of their own. George Melly said that good popular music hits you in the area between the belly button and the knees- the Cramps put a mask and tit clamps on the music first.
I have always wanted to visit New York - and now Lux aint there I aint got no reason. I send my sympathy to those to whom the loss is personal. I will always love Lux. He had gooooood taste!


Merelyme said...

hello! just stopping by as herrad had talked about your blog. Looking forward to reading more of you.

Richie said...

Nice to have you visit- I was hoping it was more fans of The Cramps comenting. Right now I miss some old friends who were rocking and rolling with me twenty five years ago. The Cramps take me back to the days when the worst pain in my life was being hungover!
Your blog puts my efforts to shame! I will visit it frequently