Thursday, February 26, 2009

Twenty Years gone: Dom Behan

I left beloved Glasgow in April 89- after I left that year an old acquaintance of mine died and I feel some how that closed a period of my life. He was an obnoxious drunk to some people but he was always kind to me and gave me encouragement. His Marxist (Stalinist) beliefs probably mean he would not have liked to live long enough to see the Berlin wall come down. In his dreams it came down from the other side and the tanks of the Red Army came rumbling across to liberate the people of Europe.
Never the less he was a great song writer and a hell of a pool hustler. Last time I saw him I was with his old mate and fellow Dubliner Freddy Winters (poet and playwright) getting hammered. If I remember Fred was talking about the shared aspect of our career (hammer men on a rail track laying gang)when Dom could be heard raising his voice. "Sorry Richie man- the Behan fella has started on about dialectic materialism- time to get him home!"

Glasgow is a truly great city and worth getting to know. It has many problems, many faults but remains a great place with great people.

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