Friday, February 20, 2009

Unnecessary Journey.

Tomorrow I will bicycle into the centre of Amsterdam. I only need to go to the local shops and street market but I intend to visit the historic Binnenstaat. Just to remember I live in Amsterdam and not Canvey Island (home town).
When I was working- in the olden days before Herrad got MS- I was walking home from my crappy job (Cleaning up in a sports club) after a pig of a day in a horrible working atmosphere (we had new management every four months on average) the maintenance I had meant to do on my bike had become critical so I was pushing the thing. I paused on a bridge. Suddenly I was aware of what a good deal I had. The sun on the Kaisersgracht. The golden age architecture. Beautiful city, nice home, dogs waiting for a walk,round the Vondel Park home and get the dinner ready. Take the dogs up to the tram stop to meet Herrad. Home, eat dinner, talk, laugh, friends, a walk round the neighbourhood. Home to bed with my darling. Ignore eight hours of work- pretend I am on vacation in Amsterdam!
So I shall reinstate bridge gazing: tomorrow I will go on a day trip to Amsterdam.


mortonlake said...

take the camera,take loads of pics,remind herrad theres a world outside her window.have a great day richie,you dererve a treat.mort

Cathy said...

You do indeed live in a beautfiul place. My husband travels to Amsterdam on a regular basis and has taken so many pictures. I love the fact you can bike everywhere.