Tuesday, March 24, 2009

A comic tale.

I went to the wrong funeral. I was in the wrong place at the right time and missed seeing Nick off. My only conciliation is to know it will make a funny story in a few days time when I don't feel so sad.
I may have given up comedy but evidently comedy has not given up me.
If I am wrong about an after life he will be holding his belly and chortling.


Cathy said...

That sounds like something I would do.

My hubby is in your neck of the woods in a town called Maasthicht
and headed to Brussels shortly.

Look for the guy with his new GPS and won't ask for directions ! LOL

Jaya said...

It is what it is and it is good to hear that comedy has not left you Richie...you can be a roar of laughter yourself and I look forward to you continuing this passion of comedy that you too have as did Nick...Nick's spirit continues to live on and soars with freedom...Be gentle with yourself and share a huge hug from me with Herrad...Om Shanti.

mortonlake said...

omg.oh well,the thought was there lol.i bet all the other mourners were thinking,who the hell is he,lol.take care,mort

Anonymous said...

hey R, bet Nick is laughing with ya, as we all know shit happens and if we can still laugh then this makes us stronger.

Aadiahh said...

How peculiar that you missed it but I did hear you read your poetry (that was you, right) at the party for Nick and I think that mattered a whole lot more.

I wish you strength