Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Thank you everybody.

Thank you for the kind words about Nick. It was good to write down how I was feeling and so very nice to read your kind comments.
Nick was a bringer of laughter and wonder. I will miss him but I regard my self as lucky to have known such an extraordinary man.
Thanks for sharing this sad moment with me. You have really helped.


Anonymous said...

hi, my name is krien jozeph..a friend of nick, and admirer of his stories..
we've worked together for some projects in the past 5 years.
i'm very sad to hear he is dead...and wish to pay my respects to him.
could you be so kind to inform me of any details about ceremony or other..
kind regards krien jozeph. .. 0653223085

Amelia said...

I have heard today, that a friends Mum has passed away. Makes me think of losing my Mum last year. Not the same as a friend but death is something hard to talk about, whoever it is.
I'm glad you were able to let your feelings out on here.
He will never be forgotten, not while you are around.
Take care,
Love & hugs
Amelia XxXxX

mortonlake said...

thats what friends are for richie,to share with.take care,mort