Tuesday, March 10, 2009

tired again

I am like a half shut knife today. I need sleep.
Herrad had a bad start and I have felt a bit smashed up since. Off to the shop for emergency chocolate.


Mark Krusen said...

Emergency Chocolate should help. Get some sleep.

sleepness said...

I am so sorry for you . Please take it easy .She needs you.

mortonlake said...

you need rest mate.mind you,choccys next best thing.big bar of cadburies fruit n nut.thass 3 of your 5 a day straight off,lol.take care and hope you and herrad both have good nights rest.mort

Richie said...

Green and Blacks Milk Chocolate:
Organic Fair trade and bloody lovely!
Save the planet and stuff your face!

Stephany said...

I know chocolate works for as many ailments as we can make cause for! i hope you both get good rest (tonight, today, I can't keep track of our time difference)