Tuesday, April 14, 2009

The danger of taking yourelf too seriously

At least I aint a Manc


steve said...

Ah, Morrissey. My teenage angst personified. I wanted to put him and Howard Jones in a room and let them duke it out.

As for today, you only need to wait until midnight to resume celebrating your unbirthday again.

Oh what the hell. I wish you a birthday full of screams of joy!

Aadiahh said...

Used to love him, his wailing voice and way of singing, but now when I hear it again I think it is dull and boring....

uhm, what changed?


Richie said...

Some how I still love this- mostly because I find it funny- I had a miserable little friend from Manchester and it sounds very much like him when he was feeling slighted (which was most of the time).
Morrisey has always been funny to me. I remember having what I call a 'Nick Cave moment' which refers to the moment I suddenly started to laugh in the middle of a Bad Seeds record. I went from taking it seriously and hating it to suddenly seeing the joke.