Thursday, April 16, 2009

Working through it.

I am still a bit too upset to say things are going well. I am a bit less stressed out but still on the edge of my nerves all the time.
Some days have been worse than others and each day a mixture of good and bad but I have felt slightly better every day. I have extended the exercise regime (still pathetic but at least it now exists) and have started writing some fiction again. I do not think that I am creating anything worthwhile but I enjoy controlling a small part of the universe-even if it exists only in my imagination. I have strong plot and character elements but I doubt if I have the discipline to take it to more than a few chapters. Never the less it works for me now. Maybe if I keep going eventually I can have enough to edit together. A strong theme of the redemptive nature of love runs through most of my writing. I guess I can never quite kill my optimism despite my negative frame of mind.
Strange things happen when you are feeling strange. Pigeons are trying to nest in our gutters- not wanting bird crap all over our landing and balcony I chase them off before they can get a nest built. I waved my hands violently towards them shouting wildly- my house keys flew out of my hand over the yard and into the neighbouring yard. This was being used as a depot for the building company renovating the neighbourhood. Their work is finished and the house locked up.
I did my ninja bit! Climbed onto the outbuildings down the other side retrieved the keys and climbed back. I was amazed I could not only still do this kind of thing but I did quite easily. It was an unexpected highlight of the week- just call me Spiderman!


Stan said...

Dear Richie aka Spiderman in hot pink tights:

I'm glad to hear your tapping into that creative and expressive side of self. Though you have many trials and tribulations ahead, you always have that roller coaster of emotions and spirit alive and screaming out at the top of your lungs within.

Next time, please shoot a video of your incredible acrobatic skills; so we can watch you go head over heals with enthusiasm and a large thud. {Laughing}

Yours Truly,

steve said...

Spiderman? Oh, no. The mask would wreck your mohawk! Personally, I'd need something a little less form-fitting, and a little more form-hiding.

I've been told that exercise really is one of the better stress reducers. The neighborhood pool just opened, and I'm going to start some early morning lap swimming before BR wakes.

Richie said...

I remember a Spiderman trying to take a pee sketch from Rowan Atkinson- that has always led me to doubt the wisdom of his all in one approach. My Mohawk has been cropped for the spring. It will be back to glory in the summer.
Meantime I am growing facial air as a new hobby. I am not up to a beard. Last time I tried it was described as looking like I had rolled around a shag pile carpet whilst eating marmalade sandwiches.
Now I have more grey it may look distinguished rather than deranged.

Jaya said...

I cannot imagine this Richie darling..a are one fine, handsome man in my eyes and she half knows how to pick em, doesn't she, mate! You don't have a twin my way do you??? LOL...I am fine, I don't like loneliness but I love my freedom so the struggle is always there but my resolve is to enjoy life as much as possible and both Herrad and you give me more then I will ever have the opportunity to convey..Keep on shining...HOPE..Take care..Love you loads..Jaya xx

awb said...

Thanks Richie, the picture of the keys flying out of your hand made me laugh, and your description of retrieving them made me read it out loud to my wife!

I had long hair and a goatee until earlier this week, a lot of white in both. Not to worry, my mother made me shave it off and get my hair cut! Don't ask.


steve said...

Hey! Is that beard getting close to looking like any of these?

Chekoala said...

Dear Richie - belated discovery of your page thanks to your post over
on my dirty-little-secret-spleen-venting-page. I tended to think of it as my version of that quote: 'In [cyber?] space no-one can hear you scream' and well, opportunities for a cathartic scream now and then seem to me to be few and far between - so discovery of your blog's name, well [insert suitable twist of the head to the side a bit, clacky noise with the tongue and screwed up side of the face kind of expression if you will]!

Very chuffed to make yr acquaintance, not least to catch notes on your pigeon-whispering ways as here too in Aus the pigeons have taking up a squatocracy that extends to redecorating the front steps in their personalised way...

cheers muchly