Thursday, April 2, 2009

Spring is on the way!

Good news yesterday from the doctor. The wound is healing and we will be starting the long process of getting Herrad sitting up and going out in sunshine.
I find my self humming this as I go round the house.

Silver in the Stubble
(Sydney Carter)

Early in the Morning,
Hear the razor roar,
There's silver in the stubble
And it wasn't there before.

For the leaves are getting greener,
And spring is on the way;
Girls are getting prettier
And younger every day.

Silver in the stubble;
Winter in the wood.
Fare you well, you wicked world,
I'm going to be good.

Time to think of Heaven;
Time to think of Hell.
Time to go to church on Sunday,
Hark, I hear the bell.

But if any girl is willing,
She only has to say;
I'll hang my halo on a shelf
Until another day.

Written by Sydney Carter in 1964
Copyright Sydney Carter


Amelia said...

Great news Richie!
What a lift for both of you and not before time.
May the sun continue to shine in your lives.

Love and hugs
Amelia XxXxX

steve said...

Well spank my ass and call me tickled pink! You got a whoopi cushion to put in her chair?

Vicki said...

Spring is here and May will still be nice for herrad. She seems to carry spring with her. Enjoy.

awb said...

Great news, here's to hoping it continues!

azoyizes said...

Wonderful! May your days be filled with sunshine. Maryann